What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

15. Live in the moment

It’s effortless to say, it also looks very simple, but the reality is different. We are people, we think a lot, and use our minds to analyze past events. Every adult has a massive amount of worries that sit on them constantly.

Life always throws at us new and new challenges, which you usually can’t solve at that moment, but are a project for a more extended period.

What do we have left?

Do you remember the song by Bobby McFerrin – Don’t Worry Be Happy :). 

Is this the solution? 

I think it’s a fascinating solution but, in my opinion, needs a bit of reworking.

Don’t worry, be happy. Everything in life you must accept as a challenge and not as a problem.

Such a view of the world changes our perception of the world. And this tremendously changes our inner happiness and mood.

However, I think that the most crucial thing in all this is that we do not dwell on the past; we shall not worry, but shall plan the future and live in the present wisely and according to our wishes.

The biggest challenge is how to deal with the past. We only have to accept one thing.

The past is over.

The past is no more here, and we have no power to change it. All that the past can offer us, is memories and the experiences of our lives. We take what is good and learn what we can use in the present and in the future. And that’s all we can do to be good to ourselves and for our well-being. Everything else is rubbish and hurts us.

What do you do with the trash when the bin in the apartment is full? The same thing we must do with our rubbish memories.

Glorify beautiful and pleasant memories.

Remove and then ignore bad and painful moments, and they will fade over time. Time is the best healer in such cases.

Most importantly, however, you learn from both moments and use them to your present and future advantage. 

That is life, and you must enjoy it.

Till next time.

LoVe, Rachel