What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

17. Don’t be afraid of new things

I know that starting something new, trying something new … is almost always scary or simply impossible to try. When we want to experience something new, we are always beginners, and we are usually afraid of that.

Can you imagine doing only those things for the rest of your life which you learned by the age of 10?

I don’t think any of you will say Yaaaaa, but just about everyone will answer Nooo.

When you start a new thing, it’s like when you went to your first job. Full of excitement because you would finally make your money. If you managed to get a job you like and your hobby is at the top, it’s even more insanely good.

My opinion is as follows. Life is too short, and I want to enjoy it. At the end of this life, I don’t want to wonder why I missed an experience for 100 different reasons when there was only one important reason to do it.

As a child, it is exciting to try new things. Kids generally have no problem trying new things. But food is something else. It’s fascinating with my kids. When you introduce him to a new food, and he is first. Eh. What is this? No, I’ll not try this….. Are you familiar with the situation? 🙂

Then the next moment, when you convince them to give it a try. Uf, that’s good. :). Please give me more. Is it the same at your home? 🙂

Otherwise, trying new things has a lot of positive elements.

1. It Re-Emphasizes Your Strength
2. You Appreciate Other People’s Experiences
3. It Gives You an Edge in Life
4. Discover Your Purpose
5. Know Your Likes and Dislikes
6. Create Satisfying Memories
7. Meet New People
8. Brings You Out of Your Shell
9. You Understand Your Fears Better
10. You Learn to Appreciate the Value of Time
11. It Is Healthy
12. It Makes You an Interesting Person
13. You Experience More of Life
14. It Humbles You

I suggest you trying something new by the end of the following week. Something you haven’t done before. It can be quite a small thing. The thing which is now small and not significant. But watch out. It can open up a new world for you, and the future will be completely different from the past.