What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

18. Your dreams are important in your life

Many will say that a dream is for children.
They can dream because they don’t have too many worries.
They are the ones who can indulge in their imagination.
They are the ones who can turn a small thing into a whole story and dream of amazing things happening in their heads.
They are the ones who can afford the dreams, we adults don’t have the time, and we must be realistic.

Is there something similar to this going on in your head when you read the title?

We all have dreams and desires in our minds. But when we think of realization…
What if?
Only then will I …
Now is not the time for that.
A bit later.
Lots of dreams and desires for what we want, but constantly excuses why we don’t start working on our dreams. We always find 1000+ excuses why not to start. But essentially it is just one reason, why JUST DO IT.

We limit ourselves too much by all the rules that are around us. With all the prejudices we fear. With all that, what will happen if we fail.
Dreams are never enough for a happier life.
The dream is an idea in the cloud.

Dreams are words written in our minds. They can rave, progress, test, but nothing helps if we don’t put them into reality. And not a big surprise that in 99.99%, it’s not easy to do it. It takes hard work and dedication to your goal. Lots of sacrifices.

Is it worth it, someone would ask?
I say a big

If you don’t live your dreams, you are already suffering. Why not suffer for something that can turn into something you enjoy and dream about it.

Do you know why for me, the saddest place in the world is a cemetery?
Not because of all the memories, but because so many ideas and dreams are buried there. So many things that could have made our lives easier. Just because there are always one million reasons why we don’t do something. But as always, one is essential to us. “That’s why I have to do it because …”