What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

20. What does the word fri ….. really mean?

Today I was replying to an email from one of the readers. And I got an idea of what to write about today. Maybe it’s not precisely heavily embedded in this series of emails. But come to think of it, it is very, very powerful.

This email today is written based on my personal and difficult moments. About a time when I was entirely on the ground with my whole family.

What am I supposed to talk about?

About the word and the meaning, which is usually overestimated. And for me, about a word we say too many times for the wrong people.
That’s the word FRIEND.

What does this word mean to me?

A Friend is someone you can trust, whom you help, and who you can turn to when you need help. Unselfishly.

A Friend is someone you can be honest with without any embellishments, and he/she will never resent your honesty. Positive or negative things.
That’s the definition of a friend to me.

What the Cambridge Dictionary writes on the subject.
friend (noun) (PERSON YOU LIKE)
– a person who you know well and who you like a lot, but who is usually not a member of your family

If I read this, maybe the official meaning of the word friend has an entirely different meaning, which it represents me. :). We can do something in between. Let’s make multiple levels of friends. Just like grades in school. That’s my ranking.

A + – Best friend
A – Close Friend
B – Friend
C – Some Friend
D – Somebody – Acquaintance
F – Stranger

To me, only people under A + and A are worthy of the word FRIEND.

From my own experience, you will not meet true friends (A, A+) at beautiful and good moments. You will meet real friends at bad times. At times when you will be totally down. Only then will you know who belongs to A and A +.
Never before and never later.

You need to know that there are many chameleons around, and because of their personal benefits, they act as A and A +, but when you are entirely on the ground, there will be a memory of them as a memory of last year’s snow or summer.