What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

21. Declutter

Declutter is a big project which I will be forced to carry out in one go.
But what we can do?
That’s how life works, so let’s move on. My head is still in the same place, and my health is also excellent. However, despite my strong will, there is a lot of pressure.

Removing unnecessary items from our environment is a highly recommended thing.

it frees up space around you, and
it reduces unnecessary work (cleaning),
it relaxes your brain.

I know that certain things are hard to get rid of as there are countless reasons why not. But in the end, if we look at when we last used something, we can put it on years of non-use. Everything that was lying in the corner or somewhere else was gathering dust on it.

In my case, it is really necessary to do everything in one go, but it could be a several-month project for you.

For example, a project that we carry out once a week for 15 minutes. Fifteen minutes a week is very little time, but this minimum time can give you a massive result in the long run.

If you find it challenging to decide what you don’t need anymore, you do it by putting everything in one box, and next time you check again if everything is OK.

After this:
– You can put things that no longer serve their purpose in the trash.
– Give to charities that will give things to those who need them.
– You can also turn your clutter into money and sell everything online or at a garage sale.

Clean your environment, and you will also clean your brain, and life will be simpler and more beautiful.