What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

22. Practice Gratitude

It is easy to moan at anything wrong.
At anything, it is possible to find 1000 reasons why the current situation is terrible.
Why not this and that.
Why am I not in such a position as the others?
Why everyone around you is in a better situation than you? ……..
We could list this over and over again.

The best question in all of this is:
Is it really that bad?

For god sake as it can’t really be all bad. Every situation is important only from which point of view you look at everything.

I can only look at my last example. I lost my apartment and my long-term home. I can cry, I can dwell, I can shake my anger…..

What do I get out of all my negative thinking? Absolutely nothing, or if I am more precise – I would be just hurting myself, especially on health and also on the possibilities of my development.

I have a different look at it. We moved from one point and moved on. New opportunities are opening up for me that I probably wouldn’t have had in years if this was not happening to me. I would be in the shelter of my home. Now we are moving to another city, which has been my wish for many years. And I am pleased and grateful for this.

That is, I can cry or look forward to a new page in my life. What do you think I will choose? 🙂

And in doing so, we need to practice gratitude. We need to be grateful for those things we have. Don’t complain about things we don’t have at a given moment. And put our focus on the things we want to achieve. That’s all we need.

There are lots of ways to practice gratitude.
– You can write a journal of things you’re grateful for,
– Sharing three good things that happen every day with a friend or your partner,
– Going out of your way to show gratitude when others help you.

When you practice gratitude, you will significantly increase your happiness and satisfaction.
What do you want more? 🙂

To be continued