What to do to have a successful and fulfilling life?

4. FOCUS on the positive

Many people wonder how to be happy. I think everyone can help themselves a lot to achieve this goal.

Travel to your past. Look for moments when you were happy. Write them down and continue on your way to the next happy moment and write it down again. Repeat this for so long that there is nothing left in the memory.

Everyone has their moments of happiness, and everyone knows when they feel like they are on steroids. Jumping, a smile on a face, warm at heart, the world is in colors and full of sunshine …. You know what I mean. 🥰

Now it is your job to make the events you have written down on paper your new goals in life. Of course, sometimes we cannot have the same players and environment, but we can or try to replace them with others. There are so many people and places in the world, so there can be no reason to stick to something from the past. 

Start thinking about the positive things in your life for at least two minutes every day. Don’t miss a day without positive thinking, even if everything goes wrong for you. Do this for at least 21 days because, after 21 days, it will become your habit and your life. And this is the most important. 


The hardest part is starting. Like, to start moving a car takes a lot of fuel. But when the car is moving, fuel consumption immediately decreases.

Start the day with thoughts, “Today is beautiful” or “I feel grateful for all I have.” 

Love, Rachel